The challenge to create something new and exciting from a blank canvas was too good an opportunity not to pursue with both hands.

Edinburgh has had a vibrant and progressive beer scene for a long time and the prospect to be an influencer was a huge draw, I was thrilled to be given the position of Head Brewer of Cold Town Brewery. To be able to visit some of the best independent bars in the Edinburgh & Glasgow in 2018 and see consumers enjoying the Cold Town beers that we created will be such a high!

When I meet new people they often assume I must just drink lots of beer, but I try and drink as many different types of drinks as possible, as it’s important to ensure I can make the most well balanced products possible. I take inspiration from food and like to consider what I might brew to pair with a meal or a flavour. Sometimes though the creative procedure is more avant-garde than that and I can’t wait to get into the brewery and being experimenting with brews, flavours and ingredients.